2019 Amphora Maris

Amphora Maris 2019 remained at a depth of 15 meters, in the dark and at an average temperature of 16°C for 9 months, developing a more mature character than it would obtain in the usual solid ground ageing, and getting a slight mineral and earthy note typical of the terracotta ageing. The sea seems to accelerate the evolution of the Petit Verdot, which acquires complexity, while maintaining its longevity. The wine is perceived more rounded than its counterpart on the dry land and still shows itself with all its fruity notes, of small red and dark berries, the spices and the balsamic nuances typical of the Petit Verdot.


Scheda Tecnica

Varietà: 100% Petit Verdot.
Resa: 40 qli/ettaro.
Fermentazione: con lieviti indigeni in acciaio per circa 7 giorni.
Malolattica: in botti di rovere francese.
Maturazione: 10 mesi in barrique di rovere francese di secondo passaggio.
Gradazione alcolica: 13% vol.
Produzione: 600 anfore.


Tre Bicchieri Award
Robert Parker Award