2022 Vintage

Despite a year of contradicting weather, nature responded with surprising resilience, delivering high quality grapes. This vintage was prelude to disaster, but surprisingly, thanks to vines resilience and a brief change in the weather at the end of August, rainy and cooler, balanced out the negative effects, of heat and drought delivering wines of the finest quality.


The 2022 harvest began with normal winter temperatures and a cool spring with slightly delayed bud break on the vines. The conditions flipped in May though, with temperatures exceeding 30°C (86°F) and very little rain for over 2 months, testing the growth, flowering and veraison of the vines.

The harvest started earlier, just after the expected summer storms that further disrupted the distinguished conditions thus far. The abundant rainfall instigated a turning point, eliminating the water stress and reactivating the ripening process. Finally, a cool and sunny September brought near-perfect conditions to ripen the Sangiovese and Petit Verdot. Achieving high quality expression amid unusual weather contradictions didn’t require exceptional changes in our winemaking practices, nevertheless grapes showed some stress signs: little juice and reduced dimension and weight of the berries. We harvested at night in order to preserve the freshness and aromas, we immediately inoculated our grapes with the pied de cuve, reducing risks of oxydation, and we fermented at low temperatures (17-18°C whites / 23-24°C reds).


The hallmark of a hot vintage is not showing in the wines, wines are ample and bodied, yet balanced by a beautiful acidity and precise aromas. Summing up, the reds display surprising aromatic freshness, dotted with menthol and balsamic overtones, as well as plush tannins, all of which provide an exceptional basis for long, harmonious ageing.

The Vermentino achieved balance and aromatic intensity with floral and menthol notes over a tropical base of mango and grapefruit.

The Sangiovese grapes, small and concentrated due to the dry year, have produced a particularly fresh and intense rosé. Hints of pink grapefruit give way to floral notes, while on the palate it shows sweet and saline sensations typical of our terroir.

The Sangiovese shows fresh aromas of violet, cherry and raspberry, with an enjoyable density on the palate, characterized by soft tannins.

The Petit Verdot shows less concentration than usual, but demonstrating deep and layered hues, based on its signature blueberries and cassis notes, made interesting by the traditional sweet spices of our terroir.

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