Alice in Wonderland

Making artisan and biodynamic wine implies great work and attention to detail, not only in the vineyard and in the cellar, but also towards the people we know. We therefore want to keep in touch with you in a different way, bringing you some stories from our vineyard or some inspirational lessons from Mother Nature.

Alice in Wonderland teaches us a very important thing: even in most difficult times we shouldn’t stop smiling. Nature as well show us how to deal with difficulties. The plant of bamboo, for example, is a symbol of recovery, growth and resilience: even with the strongest wind remains standing tall and still, it bends but it doesn’t break, it goes with the natural flow until the tempest is over. Bamboo is strongly rooted yet flexible. Moreover, let us not forget that, the most beautiful flowers always bloom after the coldest winters.


– Podere San Cristoforo –

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