2022 Ann

Full-flavoured and well-balanced white wine, with a delicate floral and fruity bouquet of green apple and pear, with a salty sensation given by the unique soil made up fossilized oyster shell.


Grapes: 100% Vernaccia di San Gimignano.
Fermentation: very delicate treatment of the grapes at all stages, in order to bring out all the fine primary aromas, as well as this typical Vernaccia’s qualities of freshness and concentration.
Maturation: 6 months in stainless steel.
Bâttonage: every week from October until February.
Alcohol: 13,5% (L1.23) 12,5% (L2.23)
Bottles Produced: 4.000

Separate Collection


Code: EWAC7
Type of material: SHELLAC
Disposal method: UNDIFFERENTIATED WASTE COLLECTION(check your municipality’s regulations)


Code: FOR 51
Type of material: CORK
Disposal method: SEPARATE COLLECTION FOR ORGANIC WASTE (check your municipality’s regulations)


Code: GL 71
Type of material: GLASS
Disposal method: SEPARATE COLLECTION FOR GLASS (check your municipality’s regulations)