2021 Vintage

In 2021, the growth of the vineyards was delayed by a rather cool spring, which slowed the budbreak before a summer that proved hot and very dry.

Spring 2021 was marked by a disastrous event: on 8 April, a freezing current from the sea burnt our green vine shoots, particularly those of Sangiovese, which sprouts early.

From a quality perspective the lack of rainfall right up to the harvest is reminiscent of the most beautiful Maremma vintages such as 2016 and 2015, which both involved long, dry spells of drought.

The Podere San Cristoforo’s soil composition – profound with with alternating layers of rock, sand and clay – enables the roots of the vines to delve into the deepest layers in search of water, with the aim of withstanding extended periods of drought.

The sunny and dry spell with lower temperatures created ideal ripening conditions for each variety, thus we are convinced that the 2021 vintage, despite the very low yields, is one of the best ever.

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