Amphora Maris


World's First Modern Wine Matured Under the Sea in Amphorae

While the idea of ageing wine in glass bottles under water is not new, and making wine in amphora is thousands of years old, the use of a real amphora for ageing wine in the sea is an exclusive prerogative of the Amphora-Maris method. The charm of this idea is linked both to the importance of wine amphorae for the ancient Mediterranean civilizations and to the many archeological findings of wine amphorae in the Tuscan sea, not far from Podere San Cristoforo.

Amphorae ageing in the Mediterranes

A m p h o r a M a r i s M e t h o d

Amphora-Maris Method

First Step

Our Vines by the Sea

The sparse bunches of Petit Verdot, constantly caressed by sea breezes, grow on the ochre coloured gravel soils of Podere San Cristoforo, in the midst of olive trees and hundred year-old cork oaks. Amphora-Maris, 100% Petit Verdot, represents the maximum expression of our philosophy: low yields, meticulous viticulture and natural vinification to enhance our terroir.

Second Step

Our Unique Method

Our Petit Verdot is picked by hand at night and wine is made with low intervention and no chemicals. The wine is aged in French Oak barrels for 10 months and then racked into handmade terracotta amphorae, with a manual operation of great precision to avoid oxidation. The amphora is manually corked and finished with lacquer wax and seal of authenticity before being placed in the immersion basket.

Third STEP

Deep Deep in the sea

The amphoras remain at a depth of 30 meters, in the dark and at an average temperature of 10 degrees centigrade for 9 months. Here it ages, just as it would have done in Greek-Italic times, taking on more mature notes than it would get in the usual aging, as well as developing a slight mineral and earthy note typical of terracotta aging.

Fourth Principle

Happy Animals

Natural ecosystems include plants, animals, and men which work together with complementary roles. Biodynamics aspires to create the same harmony within the farm seen as a single self-sustaining organism. Animals are therefore fundamental and their well-being determines the health of all the other elements of the ecosystem.

Fifth Principle

Stronger Vines

The biodynamic spray and compost preparations bring vines into a “dynamic” relationship with soil, water, air, warmth, and cosmos to help them develop in a healthy and balanced way, access the full spectrum of nutrients they need, and become more resilient to pests, diseases, and extreme climate conditions.

Sixth Principle

Squeezed Grapes

Wines made with the lowest possible chemical or mechanical intervention: it’s a better way to drink. It’s better for the drinker, the maker, and the planet.

This amphora is crafted by an artisan ceramist in limited edition pieces with maximum precision in construction, taking into account the expansion of the artefact during firing, to allow the cork to hermetically seal the amphora while in the sea. In addition, the clay mixture must be as homogenous as possible in order to obtain a particularly high-pressure resistant amphora. In addition, firing must be carried out at very high temperatures to allow good vitrification of the inside of the amphora.
Podere San Cristoforo's

Crafted to Perfection


Since the dawn of viniculture, in the late Stone Age, humans have experienced intense relationships with wine and the sea.
Salt water is part of who we are even when oceans claim dreams. And wine stirs the heart or shatters it like terracotta in lost vintages. Yet, both inspire the imagination and bring waves of eternal joy to the depths of our soul.

Half an hour spent in nature with the kids and pets, this tour includes a guided walk through the vineyards and the cellars learning about  biodynamic wine directly from the makers: Davide, Lorenzo and Niccolò.
Cost per person 5€.

Amphora-Maris Ageing

T h e R e a l D i f f e r e n c e


F a r m e r ' s S n a c k

A tasty snack, the typical farmer’s packed lunch, composed of toasted bread dressed with our own organic olive oil accompanied by the finest local cheese and artisan cured meats.
Cost per person 15€.