Organic Schiaccine

Podere San Cristoforo’s organic Schiaccine from Cappelli durum wheat are the result of the love and care we put into everything we do. We only use our estate grown ancient grain to produce our organic stoneground flour that has an unmatched nutritional content and gives a unique flavour to our sourdough.

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Ingredients: just a few quality organic ingredients to give you a good product with a crisp and bold character: Cappelli type durum wheat semolina (77.1%), sunflower oil (12.2%), Sea salt and Sourdough.

Our Unique Flour: our grain is screened – cleaned of weeds and dust – and brushed – scraped superficially to remove the woody part of the bran. The grain is thus ready for stone milling, which produces a whole-wheat flour. This is not a refined 00-type flour, but contains bran and especially the germ. Next the flour enters the tumbler for sieving, which removes the coarse part of the bran, which gives digestibility problems. In fact, the bran contains lignin, which is difficult to digest, and this coarse part of the bran is in the form of lamellae that in the case of continuous consumption can irritate the intestines. Therefore, an organic, semi-integral flour is obtained that contains all the beneficial properties of ancient wheat.

Hand-made: our Schiaccine from Cappelli durum wheat are hand pressed, making them unique in shape, and are left to rise with our sourdough for more than 24 hours before being baked.

Get inspired: the Schiaccine are the perfect accompaniment for any dish or time of the day. They are crunchy and thin, get creative with your Schiaccine toppings for the perfect open sandwich: from cherry tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella, to burrata and anchovies, or creamy goat cheese and chestnut honey drops. Do try them with a good glass of wine, red or white.